My name is Dror Bara’am, and I come from Kfar Yona – A town right next to Netanya and Tel Aviv. The first moment I started collecting and having personal interest in music was when I was 9. A friend of mine gave me a collection of current Israeli rock bands.

Ever since then, my ears couldn’t stop hearing music. Every time I went to school listened to rock. Every time I walked down the street, I listened to disco. Every time I went to a dance club, I listened to Latin music. The first time I worked as a DJ I just wanted to share my taste with the crowd – I enjoyed it  so much that I didn’t want to do anything else.

That was 5 years ago. Today, I listen to almost every genre of music that I can and I love it. I love sharing, dancing to the music and most of all, making everybody else dance to it. That’s what I’ve done in the past 5 years and I don’t plan to stop.

What People Say

We had a great night and you were the reason for it. Thank you very much!

Inbal Perets

Awesome DJ. Really knows how to get the crowd up on their feet.

Alon Lankri

Your nights are the best. Number 1 DJ!

Shai Bremer

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