Personal Writing for Beginners

Here are some advice for people who want to know how to write for themselves; This is personal writing for beginners.

For some people it’s really hard to write anything. Some of them are trapped and frightened because of their writing teacher in school; some of them just think that the only thing writing is good for is the websites and newspapers. Studies have shown that personal writing actually helps figure out how we feel about a certain subject and maybe how should we react.

Advice for Personal Writing for Beginners

Start writing. It doesn’t matter what’s in there, just take a pen and start writing whatever’s in your head on a notebook. Write about what happen 5 minutes ago. Try to describe the room you are in. Start with the small stuff; even if they will turn up just as sentence or two.

Make it a Habit. Sit with a pen and write for 10 minutes a day. That exercise would improve your language skills, too. You will find out that language can improve if you just produce it and not just by reading. That will give you self confidence and you won’t hesitate trying again and again.

If you don’t want to show it to anyone, it’s fine. Personal writing is person, therefore no one has to know about it. It’s your private thoughts and sometime they should stay that way. It’s your own personal temple; you don’t need worlds to collide.

After you write, distract yourself from the situation. You can watch a TV show, take a shower, eat a meal or anything. You need 15 minutes of distraction before you go back to the material you have written. When you’re done, go back to the notebook and read what you have written like it was written by another person. Try to realize what that person thinks.

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