Finding Salsa Music – How to Find Good Salsa Music

We love to listen to salsa music wherever we go. Unfortunately, as time goes by, salsa music losses some of its popularity to Reggeaton, Bachata and many other Latin music styles. The task of finding good salsa music is really difficult. Here are several channels and ways you could find new, good and refreshing salsa music.

Follow Leading DJs and Clubs

There are many salsa clubs that maintain a good channel on Soundcloud. One of the is Solar Latin Club that publishes new Salsa, Cha Chan and many specifically good music. There are many others you should check out; most of them are suggested.

You must find DJs that can find every new jam that comes out. One of them is DJ Walter B Nice. DJ Walter is a really good DJ; he also does mixes and podcasts of new salsa music. He knows how to find the music; all you need to do is follow him.

Finding Salsa Music Requires Following the Bands

If you found a good salsa track the artist probably has several good salsa music. I found Calle Vapor from a cover that popped up on my Youtube; specifically “Vente Negra”. I found at least 6 other good tracks that can be played in clubs. I knew Fabio Gianni‘s from salsa covers that he created. When he started publishing original tracks and albums, the result was amazing. DJ Timba is very famous from the track “Linda Mujer” but if you follow him you will find out that he has many other great tracks.

Be Open Minded; Let The Auto Play Bottom Lead You

I made that example regarding Youtube but you could find salsa music playlists on Spotify, new tracks on Soundcloud or listed to mixes on Mixcloud. That saying is also right regarding the content of the tracks themselves; sometimes a song sounds dull at the beginning but exiting towards the middle or the end.

Trust The DJ And Use Shazam

Salsa music DJs bring their best tracks to the dance floor. Go and dance; explore the Latin scene in your area. Use Shazam and save the tracks that you liked for later. If you’re too lazy, use Auto Shazam and enjoy the party.


Finding Salsa music and good Latin music requires time. I guarantee that it will worth you time and effort. Knowing the song that’s played on the dance floor makes you dance better than ever.

Try to find your favorite salsa genre. That will be a challenge and might lead you to your favorite dance style as well.