What Kind of Music Should We Play in our Wedding?

It’s really hard to decide which kind of music fits a wedding. Nevertheless, there are some things we should consider. Here are a several things you should consider and use in a wedding. Let’s learn what kind of music should we play in our wedding.

What Kind of Music Should We Play in our Wedding?

Time of the Wedding

They say the night time is the right time, but not necessarily. Some couples exchange vows when the sun is up in the sky. That changes a lot; night weddings music starts softly at the reception but ends in the best dance music there is. Morning weddings are more likely to have bands. Whether you want it or not; the time of the wedding means different atmosphere.

The Guests’ Age in the Wedding

Think about what kind of guests are coming to the wedding. Different age means different music taste. I usually offer couples to start with swing and than change to mainstream and dance. Sometime 2000’s and 90’s dance hits could be a part of it (“Rhythm is a Dancer”, “Call on Me”, etc.).

Religion and Cultural Background

In case of a Jewish wedding you should consider taking advice from an orthodox jew or an Israeli DJ. In case of people that like bush parties you should have Techno and Goa trance right up your sleeve. Latin music for Latin guests; Reggaeton, Cumbia and more.

Personal Taste

Put this in mind. This is your wedding. It’s preferable that you enjoy yourselves. After all, everybody came to be here in your special day.