DJ Dror Bara’am

Latin Music DJ and Other Genres, Musical Adviser, Translator, Content Writer – SEO Writer and Editor, Salsa dancing instructor.

Latin Music DJ

5 years experience in Salsa, Bachata, Reggeaton and other genres. Oldies are also my specialty. Musical adviser for events, radio shows and podcasts.

Translation and Content

Writing for businesses websites, SEO, translation and advertising content.

Dance Instructor

Salsa dancing instructor. Manager and owner of Alma Latina Salsa.

One Day I Will Find The Right Words, And They Will Be Simple.

Jack Kerouac

Find the right music too on my channels – Mixcloud, Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify.

If you need content, I’m the person you should approach.


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I provide variety of services. I have learned each one deeply. Find out about my credentials.

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